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What Makes Our Cultivation Different

At High Grade, our flower is grown indoors in controlled environments, allowing for optimal conditions to be set specific to each cultivar. This includes temperature, lighting, humidity, airflow, and nutrients, all of which are tailored in a way that results in top-tier, premium cannabis.

Our garden’s sterile environments combine UV and Hepa Filtration with GPS ionization, sterilizing mold, viruses, and bacteria before they become a threat. They are never sprayed with harsh chemicals or pesticides. Staff must wear full-body, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the integrity of each product from start to finish.



Our Premium Extracts

All extracts are derived from our indoor, premium cannabis, resulting in top-tier, highly potent, terpene-rich products. Extracts are created in small batches, using laboratory-grade solvents, equipment and processes.

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