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IYKYK. Batter is an ultra terpene rich consistency and this Collie Walker (Skywalker X Collie’s OG) brings its best sativa attributes from rig to tastebuds.

Terpenes are arguably the most compounds next to cannabinoids that carry over from flower to concentrate after the extraction process. Impress your Budtender and ask about the terps on your next visit. Happy #TerpeneTuesday!

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Today we show our support and give thanks to our fallen soldiers. In commemoration of our family and friends who fought and put forth ultimate selflessness, we say Happy Memorial Day.


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#FavoriteFriday is back! Which strain has been calling your name?

⓵ Clementine 🍊
② Apple Fritter 🍎
③ Dosidos 55 🍪
④ T-1000 ⛽️

#ElevateHigher and let us know in the comments below! ⬇

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Certainly, it is.

The proof is in the pudding for Mr. Nelson. How many artists in their 80’s are still putting out records?

#ElevateHigher, debunk the stigmas, and respect the OG’s that have always pushed forward.

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