flower in week 9 of bloom

flower in week 9 of bloom on Phase one @ High Grade Headquarters

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Many of us have had cancer touch our lives in some capacity, and there is no denying that for a vast majority, cancer and the plant have a unique relationship. In honor of World Cancer Day, we would love for the High Grade community to share their stories (or a loved one's story!) about their experiences with the plant and cancer and how you benefited. #HGCommunity #HighGrade #worldcancerday ...

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Plants are starting to come along nicely. New packaging and color ways are on their way too for these amazing strains being brought to you by the @highgrade.usa and @exoticgenetix_official teams. Stay tuned!
#elevatehigher #comingsoon #exocticgenetix

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Our cultivation team has been hard at work. We’re so excited to be partnering with @exoticgenetix_official to bring you some of the best strains Arizona has ever seen. Stay tuned. #elevatehigher ...

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2023 already bringing the heat. Stay tuned for some new strains and collabs hitting shelves real soon. #elevatehigher #exoticgenetics ...

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As we kick off 2023, we’d like to thank everyone who helped us make 2022 on of our best years yet. We have a lot of exciting stuff in store for 2023, so stay tuned as we look to elevate even higher! ...

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